Friday, January 23, 2009

New 3D interfaces in 9.3

There are several new interfaces in ArcGIS 9.3 related to 3D GIS that are very handy and provide some really useful new functionality. Here's a summary of the the most important ones to learn as you update your application:

ICurve3D - has several methods for getting 3D length of a curve, 3D subcurves, etc.

IVolume - gets the volume of a multipatch.

IImport3DFile - useful for loading Sketchup v6 and Collada 1.4 files.

ISegmentZ2 - this interface adds the ability to densify a 3D segment.

IProximityOperator3D - this interface is just like IProximityOperator except that it allows you to compute the minimal 3D distance and returns the nearest 3D point.

IRelationalOperator3D - this interface has one method for determining if two geometries share no points in common.

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