Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nimbus - an ESRI God

Recently I was having a problem in my code in 9.3 and thought I'd go to to the ESRI Support Center and see if this was a known issue or if anyone else had experienced the same problem. No results. So, I contacted Tech Support and then someone got back to me and told me this was a known bug and it was going to be fixed in the next Service Pack. They gave me the Nimbus number (NIM######), which is a number that ESRI uses to keep track of known issues and new user enhancements. I then searched again at the Support Center and couldn't find anything using the Nimbus number. What's going on? It was one thing when I did a free-form text search but now I had the Nimbus number. But, no, it wasn't to be found. I let ESRI know that if they had a list of known issues or if I could have searched for it in the first place, it would have saved me some time. Well, it appears they listened. According to the latest ArcUser:

"To keep users better informed of software issues, ESRI is now posting lists of bugs and fixes that have been targeted for inclusion in the next service packs prior to their release. Service Pack Announcements, posted on the ESRI Support site, will allow users to better prepare for future upgrades and provide feedback on which issues should be included in future service packs. It will also let users, particularly those with technical support incident numbers (Nimbus numbers), know if an issue they are interested in will be addressed in an upcoming service pack."

This is great! Thanks for listening ESRI. Good job!

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