Friday, January 16, 2009

The proof is in the pudding

Ever wonder where ESRI is focusing its attention? Its pretty obvious that Server is getting the focus. But, how much? Well, if you go to each resource center and do a search for "This interface is new at ArcGIS 9.3." you will come up with these results:

Server: 1,101 new interfaces
Desktop: 199 new interfaces
Engine: 190 new interfaces

Basically, your "contributions" to ESRI are going to Server at about 5.5 to 1 ratio based on this way of measuring. For those that are developing mostly for Sever this is good news and those that are primarily developing in Desktop or Engine are losing out on new developments. Of course Desktop is an older product and needs less attention but you can't say the same for Engine. Right? Is this the right amount of attention from your perspective?

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